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Kızaklı pratik sistem cüzdan önden görünüm

Practical System Wallet with Slide-Era Lilac


The color and emotion carried by each tissue is different from each other. If you are looking for an accessory that will adapt to your every mood, which is shaped according to the intensity and color of the light, where you can see different color dynamics in each product, and which will take your style beyond the standards, you can have a different experience with the Practical System Wallet-Era Lila series with slides, consisting of special color tones.


  • Practical System Wallet with Slide-Era Lilac

    Practical use thanks to the slide system card compartments

    Strong locking system that cannot be opened during transportation, but can be opened and closed practically in use, thanks to the neodymium magnet inside.

    Ideal dimensions, easy portability

    Modern design

    1st Class genuine leather

    Product dimensions: width: 10.9 cm, height: 10 cm. Thickness: Varies depending on the number of cards and banknotes placed inside.

    The product has 9 card compartments. In a 4-slide system, 2 on the front cover surface, 1 on the inner surface of the front cover, in the ID compartment and 2 on the main body. 

    The product has two money compartments; There is one on the back surface of the main body and one is located between the cover and the main body.

    Practical System Wallet with Slide - Era Lila  is produced from high quality complementary products. 


    Warning: All designs by Rotiks design registration is protected and all images and videos of the product cannot be used without is forbidden.

  • Important informations

    All products you have purchased are under an unconditional return guarantee within 30 days. If you return our product cancellation and refund conditions Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

    All productswithin 2 business days delivered to cargo.

    Our products are packaged under hygienic conditions and Practical System Wallet with Slide-Era Lila This is within the scope of packaging.

    Practical System Wallet with Slide - Era Lila has a special tape that prevents slipping in each card slot inside, and when you pull up the locked cord, your cards come out in a row. 

     Whether the product is genuine leather  It should never be tested with fire. Card slots included PVCIt is made of material and is not resistant to high fire. Returns of card holders damaged due to high fever or sun are not accepted.

    All products are produced by ROTİKS.It is protected by design registration. If the product is copied without permission or images of the product are used without permission, legal action will be taken.

    Contact us for any questions or support regarding our products.nfo@rotiks.comYou can contact us in writing at  or 0850 302 22 79You can contact our call center at  

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