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Functional Design

One of the most important features of the ROTİKS card holder, which stands out with its functional design, is that thanks to the magnetic on-off lock, all the cards come out sequentially with a single move, and after you reach the card you want in a practical way, you can save the cards with a single move.  is reversible.

Make room in your pocket

Considering that many items have shrunk in size and take up less space in our pockets, our standard wallets are in today's era, where we say goodbye to coins, with driver's license and ID cards having the same dimensions as credit cards, the small amount of paper money with us for security reasons, and the rapid introduction of contactless payment systems into our lives. is no longer functional.  As ROTIKS, we are aware of this change and we want to make room in your pocket, at payment points or identity checks.  We are excited to bring you this product, which is a marvel of design, to save you time. 

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Production and Quality

Our products come out of the hands of masters with 40 years of experience in the leather industry. In accordance with our quality standards, our products start from the purchase of raw materials and complementary products and are constantly inspected from the production process to the final packaging stage. Packaging is the most important quality control stage for us. Because we know that the first person to open that package after us; a valued customer is someone who has a birthday or a spouse who is excitedly waiting for a gift on their wedding anniversary.

Tüm kadın erkek deri kartlık tasarımlarını hemen inceleyin.

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